Services rendered by the Dharmayathanaya -

It is a well known fact that the Dharmayathanaya Temple continues to provide a broad range of Social, Religious & National services to the country. The Dharmayathanaya temple played a significant role helping people from all walks of life during the last couple of decades especially when the country was engulfed in the devastating war with the ruthless LTTLE terrorists. Many religious activities were held under the leadership of Dharmayathanaya during this period to invoke blessings on the three forces of Sri-Lanka including the police department as well as to boost their moral during this most difficult & challenging period.
> The Sri-Lanka Army has offered to renovate & reconstruct the Avukana Anuru Buddha statue as well as to spearhead a project to build a much needed facility for the Dharmayathanaya as a token of appreciation of all the services rendered by the Dharamayathanaya to the nation.

It has been estimated by the Sri-Lanka Army that at least Rs 550, 000.00 lacks would be required to complete the construction of this 3 storey building for the temple. A collection fund has already been set up by the Sri-Lanka Army under the name of " Dharmayathanaya Development Fund " to collect monetary donations to help build this 3 storey building. Donations can be made to the Bank of Ceylon , Account number 0073269305 located in Independence Square, Colombo 7.

Please be kind enough to make a donation to the " Dharmayathanaya Development Fund " to help us build the much needed building for the Dharmayathanaya temple so it can continue to operate with competency & efficiency as the central location for all religious & national activities of our beloved mother country Sri-Lanka
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