The founder and Chief Incumbent of Dharmayathanaya and
General Secretary - Dharmayathanaya Arakshaka Sabhawa

Ven. Elle Gunawansa Thero.
It is a well known fact that all the harmful chemicals present in the pesticides & fertilizers used in agriculture have a detrimental impact on the health & the wellbeing of the consumers. We have now started a model farm at a location in Minuwangoda Road , Ekala to educate & create consumer awareness of the health hazards associated with the use of harmful pesticides & fertilizers as well as promote an interest in the Agriculture field among the young generation of Sri-Lanka. The cultivation of all plants in the model farm is done by using only organic composite fertilizers. This project is spear headed & operated by our heroic soldiers with minor disabilities.

We have also started a project that assists to free cattle including the milk cows designated for slaughter & these animals are sheltered in a non restricted land area adjacent to the model farm which is called as the Free Cattle Bank. We have had the opportunity to release a large number of cattle that had been condemned to slaughter & all these animals have been handed over to the Free Cattle bank to be raised as free milk cows.

Jasmine flowers used in Sri Lanka for prayers, religious & social events are currently imported from Tamil Nadu district of India. we have started a cultivation of jasmine in the above mentioned model farm as a solution to this lack or short of supply of Jasmine flowers & more specifically to be independent & self sufficient rather than depend on another country.

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